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When eating pizza is a hobby, then there where it started. With no related-background study on culinary, our Founder which is also our Pizzaiolo, have been learning pizza for years. He dedicated his hard-life living for the sake of one day he could help lot of people.


Brano Pizzeria was held in the end of oktober, 2017, in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. With the help of a good teamwork, Brano Pizzeria has now reached the number 1 authentic pizza in Banda Aceh.

We value our costumer with a fresh made pizza and pasta, also with a good coffee. We are learning and trying our best to meet the needs of our costumer everyday, so they get happier as life should be. As every single attribute of Brano Pizzeria will work on trying the best to deliver happiness as what pizza philosophy is.


Life is just what it i. As you get stronger, happiness will followed. We are here for you!!! We are improving as new challenges we face. 

We believed when it comes to authentic, then it has to be a serious things. its not just about the pizza and its taste, more than that, the philosophy

Our Products

We use the good quality of ingredient for our pizza, pasta and also our coffee. Besides, we bring our product to the closest as authentic as it can to its originality. We believe, originality is special, and with it, the best would arise

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